10 Things To Ask Your Wedding Photographer


Top 10 Questions

To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

As an experienced wedding photographer I have an unique perspective on knowing EXACTLY what's needed to execute a wedding perfectly. As you are searching for a photographer to capture your special day, there are several key questions you can ask to help you identify the true professionals on your list.


1.) Lighting

Q. How do you handle low light situations?

A. Photographers should be well versed in using their flash. Without one, your images will be grainy & wont print well. I use a mixture of on and off camera flash, depending on the situation. I also work with DJs to ensure there wont be conflicting lighting during the 1st dance.

2.) Galleries

Q. Can you send me a full wedding gallery?

A. Photographers Instagrams and websites are full of their BEST images. (Sometimes, from styled shoots!) What you want to see if the full final product of a real wedding. I am always happy to have a video chat with a potential couple, and screen share an entire gallery with them.

3.) Worst Case Scenario

Q. What is the backup plan if you are unable to shoot my wedding for an unexpected reason?

A. Photographers should have at least 1 back up photographer ready and able to go. To date, I have never missed a wedding. But I ensure that your day is covered by always hiring a 2nd shooter, and being a part of a strong local network of professional photographers.

4.) Insurance

Q. Do you have liability insurance?

A. Most venues will actually require that your photographer has this. They should be able to provide proof.

5.) Back Ups

Q. How do you back up our files?

A. My back up starts the moment I hit the shutter. I only use cameras that have dual card slots, allowing me to write your images on 2 separate memory cards as soon as they're taken. From there, I back up at home to 2 separate hard drives. You can never be too careful! To date, I've never lost any images. (Knock on wood!)


Q. What happens if we need to reschedule due to COVID shutdowns?

A. This is huge right now. There were horror stories over the summer of couples who were forced to reschedule their wedding dates, and photographers who were not able to accommodate the new dates that still kept their deposits. I don't do that. Read my full policy here.

7.) Style

Q. How would you describe your style?

A. I'm a firm believer that trends should be exclusive to Christmas cards. Wedding galleries should be timeless. My style can be described as film inspired and true to color. I do deep black and whites, and I never mute my greens. See what I mean on my Instagram.

8.) Payment

Q. How much of a deposit do you require and when is it due? Do you offer payment plans?

A. This is going to be different for every photographer. For me, 50% of your package is due at the time we sign the contract to secure your date. The other 50% isn't due until 30 days before your wedding. I am happy to break these out into equal thirds or quarter payments if this is helpful. I accept check, credit card or bank transfer.

9.) Logistics

Q. What happens if our wedding runs late?

A. I will always touch base with you before leaving. I only schedule one wedding/elopement per day -- so if you want me to stay later, I'm happy to do so. You'll be invoiced after the wedding for any additional hours that were added on.

10.) Thinking Ahead

Q. How do you ensure we get all the photos we want?

A. 2-3 months before the wedding I send out both a questionnaire and a family portrait list template for you to fill out. I print both and have them on hand day of. I will ask you to assign a family member who knows both sides of the family well enough to be the director of the posed family pictures. We'll work together to get all the groupings you want as quickly as possible. Because on your wedding day, time is of the essence.

Hope this helps in your planning,