Amber & Brians Woodland Wedding

Amber & Brian were married on the 22nd of August, 2020 in the woods behind a good friends home. It was in these woods that Brian grew up playing with friends, with so much meaning and memories here it was the perfect place to return to with friends and family to say "I do" together.

When I arrived I was greeted by a pathway lighted with tealights directing me from the parking lot to the ceremony area. Despite being a hot day in August, the canopy of trees gave us enough shade to keep everyone cool while we waited. At the ceremony entrance, Ambers choir sang a cappella while everyone filled in around the ferns. As Amber approached, the choir stopped and a friend played acoustic music on her guitar. The soft music was the perfect background noise, complimenting the birds and the light breeze.

Amber & Brian kept their ceremony short and sweet, after a quick exchange of rings, they said "I do" and sealed the deal with a kiss.

Following the ceremony Amber and Brian took a few moments to themselves, (something I encourage EVERY couple to do!! It's such a special moment!) then we dove into family portraits. Banjo, of course, made himself front and center for pictures. :)

As the family left for cocktail hour, Amber and Brian led me on a short hike that brought us to a gorgeous waterfall. (It isn't often that brides are rocking boots and are ready to tackle the landscape that we went through, but I'm so glad she did. The pictures speak for themselves!)

We experimented with a few smoke bombs on our walk back to the reception site, and I love how ethereal it made everything look!

Amber and Brian completely transformed this back yard! With a dance stage that Brian built himself, to decorated tables and lights that made everything so elegant. They even had an incredible tent set up in which they were planning on spending the night in.

As far as catering... they supplied boxes and boxes of fresh Detroit style pizza served from Ex Novo Brewing Company with beer and wine. It was SUCH a hit!

After dinner, the couple enjoyed toasts from friends and family, and then danced the night away.

Amber & Brian, it was such an honor capturing this day for you guys. I just love how everyone came together to make this a reality, during a global pandemic no less! Congratulations again!!