Cotton Field Engagement

Cotton fields!! Something you don't see out here in Portland, Oregon! I had the honor of photographing an engagement session in Conway, South Carolina for a couple that we knew back when my husband was a firefighter in Myrtle Beach.

We had been planning this engagement session for a while, and truthfully dreary days are few and far between on the South Carolina coast. But as luck would have it, we woke up to an overcast day with a chance of rain. This was no problem at all for this adventurous couple. They wanted their pictures, and I am game for anything! We quickly found out how just how epic the session would turn out!

These images go down as some of my favorite to date.

If you've read my post on What To Wear On Your Engagement Shoot, you'll recognize that the shawl that Shelly is sporting adds the perfect amount of texture and flow to the image. Their colors match, and there are no distracting patterns.

In my engagements shoots I offer every couple a chance to switch up outfits. I think giving variety is important when delivering images, and if a client has a few style ideas in mind, I am all for trying them out. I grabbed this beautiful ring photo while waiting for them to change.

But as soon as they got back with their new outfits on the heavens opened up to us and it started to pour!! Instead of running back to the car we went with it! Alex picked Shelly right up and together they has a blast playing in the rain!

Now this friends, is turning lemons into lemonade.

Before long we had a break in the clouds, and they grabbed a blanket from their car to try to dry off with. Honestly, the whole shoot couldn't have been planned any better. The result got them unique and fun images that they'll have for the rest of their lives.

What about you? Have the urge to get some epic engagement photos puddle jumping with me now?!

Message me when you're ready.