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Updated: Mar 8, 2019

One of the biggest things to think about when choosing your photographer for your wedding day, is style. There are many different styles of photography, even when it comes to just wedding photography. There's the classic, timeless look that you've come to recognize in photo albums everywhere. The posed shots of the full wedding party, the capturing of the cake cutting, first dance etc. They're predictable, and photographers have been practicing this style for decades.

There's fine art photography, which typically includes a vast landscape image and a "candidly posed" bride and groom. (Instagram is FULL of images like these, and with the beauty of the landscape here in the Pacific North West, how can you not be drawn to these?!)

Also notice how your photographer edits their images. Perhaps all of the photos have more contrast, less saturation and an overall darker edit that gives them edge. On the other end of the spectrum you see light and airy images, creamy colors and bright light coming together to form a traditional and romantic image.

The fun part about all of this is none of these are wrong! Everyone is just simply drawn to one type more than another.

That being said, be weary of trends. Popular photo filters are being used to 'antique' images, and create matte finishes may look cool now, but in 20 years will make you cringe. Remember that black and white image from high school where only 1 element was left in color? Yea, let's leave stuff like that in the early 2000s.

So where do I fall on the spectrum?

I consider myself a Documentary Style Wedding Photographer. While I do mix in the more classically posed images, my real job for the day is to be a fly on the wall and to capture your story as it unfolds. To capture the things you may not have even noticed, so when you look back on your pictures, you see the whole day. Here are some examples:

Let's travel for a minute together. It's a warm, fall day on the coast of North Carolina. I arrived at the brides aunts house around 11 am. See how I use the series of photographs below to tell the story of how the bride gets ready on her wedding day.

This is just a small snip it of the full gallery, but it helps to show exactly what I mean when I say 'documentary.' I'm there to capture the moments you may not have even realized were happening.

My colors are bold, my lights are clean, and my subjects are candid. If THIS is the type of style you think you'd be interested in, shoot me a message and see if your wedding date is still available!

You can check out more of my work, here:

Until next time,

- Jess


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