Mirabelle & Amaris' Chilly January Engagement Session at Multnomah Falls

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Mirabelle and Amari knew they wanted an engagement session in nature, and finally settled on Multnomah Falls in Oregon, and all I can say is WHY have I not done a session here before?! It’s a photographers dream! There are so many little spots for pictures as you walk up to the viewing dock, and the waterfall itself is just icing on the cake!

Located just 30 miles from Portland OR, Multnomah Falls is an amazing location for an outdoorsy engagement shoot. The waterfall is accessible from both the Historic Columbia River Highway and Interstate 84.

Belle and Amari were TROOPERS I tell you because 1.) we did this session in January and it was COLD, (though, thankfully dry). And 2. They had to endure a constant on/off of their masks as we made our way up the trail and passed other hikers. It was so worth it though.

I just want to interject here and tell you about their proposal story, because it’s probably one of my favorites. When Amari proposed he tried to recreate their first date, (which happened to be at Salmon Street Springs.) For those of you who know the area, you know that there’s a big fountain down there. Well, because the proposal was right as COVID was starting, the fountain was shut down. Get this, Amari actually called the city of Portland to try to get them to have it running just for the proposal — no such luck. So instead he used Mentos and Coke for the win! No joke!! Family and friends were there, and he even hired a mariachi band -- (fellas out there, I hope you’re all taking notes!) Of course, she said “yes!” and here we are :) :)

While walking up to the observation bridge we stopped frequently to take photos, and talk about their upcoming wedding. After reaching the top we had to be a bit patient while waiting for the rest of the hikers to clear the way so we could have the bridge all to ourselves. It was so worth it, check these pictures out!

After that I hightailed it back down to the entrance and grabbed this image of them from below.

Once they joined me at the bottom, we circled back to the snack bar and got some last few images as the sun was setting. Sometimes it’s so obvious to me when two people are meant to be together, and this is true for Belle & Amari. These guys have been together for over 7 years, (since they were teenagers!) and I am SO excited for their wedding in May.

Congratulations guys!! Only 4 months to go!!