Tara & Brittneys Mount Hood Views Engagement Session in Washougal Washington

After two months of back and forth e-mails, and scheduling this engagement session no less than 3 times, I was so excited to finally meet Tara and Brittney!

Normally, I don't let weather factor too much into my sessions. I've had some gorgeous images taken with a bit of rain fall, and cloud cover is never usually an issue. But on this day it would be. I scouted this location back in August and found it to have incredible views of Mount Hood right over the Washougal River. Any rain or even a few stray clouds or fog would block that view completely. Of course, pushing the session out by 2 months meant we were going to be facing colder and colder temperatures. Sure enough, on October 25th we faced a high of 32 degrees, (quite literally, we were freezing!)

Tara and Brittney were such troopers, even taking off their shoes at one point to dig their heels in the sand!!

As the sun set, they shared a large thermos of tea, and we chatted about how the met. Originally from Michigan, Brittney was out in Maryland working at a forest ranger station, where she met Tara, (who is originally from the PNW.) Talk about meant to be. The two relocated back here, and the rest is history. <3

Despite the freezing temperatures, the view was just as we had hoped, clear and incredible. Sunset, moon rising, and views of Mount Hood. We couldn't have asked for better weather! (Well, maybe just a touch warmer would have been nice.) Ironically myself, being from Boston, and Brittney from Michigan (both known for extreme cold and many months of snow) were not taking as well to the cold as Tara, haha!

I got to say, I love working with couples who are just so in love with each other. I mean really, make sure you find someone who looks at you the way Brittney looks at Tara <3

After walking along the beach, we headed back up to the main trail just in time to catch some images as the pathway lights came alive and the sun fully set.

If you ever find yourself in Washougal WA, take an afternoon to come check out this trail. It is paved, and great for either walking or bike rides. There is the perfect area for dropping in kayaks and paddle boards into the Washougal River, and there are even newly built bathrooms, and a nature playground for kids. Here's a link to the location on google maps.

It was the perfect backdrop for this engagement session of two avid hikers and nature lovers. Tara & Brittney, congratulations on your engagement! Thank you so much for letting me capture this special moment in your lives. Wishing you both all the best!