The Key To Posed Family Portraits

You’ve seen them, the post ceremony happy couple with the parents of the bride, then the parents of the groom, then both families together, then siblings, and grandparents, what about aunts and uncles? Cousins? What about one big picture of everyone?!

It can get chaotic fast.

So what is the KEY to having this portion of the day run smoothly?

You can give you photographer a shot list, “I must have one with Aunt Peggy!” But chances are, your photographer will have no idea who Aunt Peggy is.

How do you bridge that gap?

A few weeks before the wedding I supply all my couples with a detailed template where they can simply check off all the family portrait scenarios they want. The key though - is that I advise them all to pick a wingman (or woman) from your family (or your spouses!) who knows the shot list, has it with them in hand, and knows everyone on it personally. This is a great job for siblings or cousins! While your photographer is working on capturing one group, your wingman will already have the next group in line ready to go!

It will be their job to collect these people from the ceremony and catch them before they make their way to the reception. It’s also up to them to think ahead, and ensure that anyone that is to be photographed in more than one group, sticks around.

This allows for you and your spouse to have my full undivided attention, and we can get through these photos without taking too much time from your day.

Now you might bet thinking, isn’t this what a second shooter is for?

Well, no.

You see the second shooter still has no idea who Aunt Peggy is! They are already at cocktail hour, capturing your guests mingling candidly.

So jot that down on your to do list!

Family Wingman: check.