Tilikum Station Engagement Session

These are the sessions that excite me.

Different from the every day engagement shoots that take place in a field of flowers during golden hour, lifestyle engagements tell a story. The realness of a couples everyday interactions jump right through my lens to the viewer, showing love, excitement and true connection. Photography for me has always been about capturing emotion, and while a field of flowers is pretty, there is nothing relatable about them.

When I first spoke with Maurya and Jose they told me the story of how they met in LA, at Beer Fest of all places, and eventually moved to the Pacific North West. Fast forward to today and exploring the breweries of Portland Oregon is one of their favorites past times as a couple, so naturally that’s what I suggested we capture.

The amazing guys over at Tilikum Station, Mt. Hood Brewing Companys Portland Oregon location, were kind enough to let us pop in early so we could have the place to ourselves for a bit. We were set up with some beer, enjoyed some good tunes playing and Chris even helped me pull out a ladder from behind the bar so I could shoot through a high window from the outside, capitalizing on that gorgeous natural light.

If you haven’t been to Tilikum Station, it's worth the visit to check out the train cars that have been converted into dining areas. With a warm breeze coming right through the renovated windows, the metro zooming by and the bustle of tourists coming in and out, this is truly a great summer lunch spot to relax and people watch.

After shooting at Mt Hood Brewing Co. we packed up and took a short drive to Holman Dock, known as simply as “The Dock.” A favorite among Portlanders to cool off the in the summer months.

If you’re still in the planning stages of your engagement session I highly recommend thinking outside the box and hiring a photographer to come along with you while you and fiancé do something you really love together. Maybe it’s boating, maybe it’s fishing, or maybe it’s even hitting up an arcade. The pictures that come from sessions like these are always my favorite. Doing something that you guys enjoy together feels much more natural than a random field, and the images that we capture will show your relationship as you know and love it.

Let's wrap up this blog post with an example of what dual video and photography coverage looks like on one of my engagement shoots!

If you’re interested in a session like this, contact me here with the details.

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