What happens if you need to push your wedding date due to COVID?


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This past spring COVID-19 sent a shock wave through the wedding industry and the world. Without the ability to host gatherings of no more than a few people for months, everything was put on hold and dates were pushed back. After reading some horror stories about couples who tried to change their wedding date, only to find out their photographer was not able to accommodate and then proceeded to keep their deposit, I sat down and really soul searched on what would make the most sense for both parties. It really came down to remembering back to when I was getting married, and how I would want to be treated.

Here's what I came up with:

Should the date of your wedding need to be pushed due to any COVID related reason I will first see if I can move the wedding on my books to accommodate the new date. If I can, we're good to go! It only gets tricky if I'm already booked for the new date, in which instance there are two options. #1: I send an associate photographer that I know and trust, and handle the editing myself so you can get the same product (albeit a different experience) or #2: I refund your deposit in full and you are free to find another photographer that you think will be a great fit.

Truthfully, I hope it never comes to that, and I will always do my best to be flexible around date changes. I realize that a global pandemic has a way of changing how we do business, and I'm ready and able to shift gears when necessary. I foresee this being a common issue during the next year, (maybe two.. hopefully not though!)

Otherwise, deposits are non-refundable, including cancellations without an attempted re-book. (Unless I'm able to re-book your day with another wedding. In which case, I return the deposit.)

Given everything that's going on in the world, I want to be able to offer you peace of mind when booking me as a vendor. I do everything in my power to ensure a pleasant experience. After all, we're talking about THE BEST day of your life here, and as a vendor it's my job to ensure the least amount of stress possible. :)

I do still have a few Saturdays open in 2021. Want to see if I'm still available on your wedding date? Head over here and shoot me a message at the bottom of the page. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

All my best,


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